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Donation criteria

The George Avenue Foundation can provide financial support, network activities and content support (expertise) for organization and projects in the field of Green Care.


  • The idea is related to innovation in (Green) Care in Switzerland, meaning developments in which Natural environment, currently focused on farms, is supportive in innovation in Health Care and Social Services.
  • The idea has systemic Impact, meaning it is relevant -and will solve a problem or open new avenues- for an entire sector and/or a large subset of the (Green) Care sector.
  • The project strenghtens economic sustainanbility of Green Care organizations in order to maximize lasting impact.
  • The George Avenue Foundation funds up to 30% of total projects’ budgets
  • The project contributes to the sector’s synergy and interregional and interorganizational network.
  • The requesting organization:
    • is willing to actively engage in a partnership with GAF during the duration of the project.
    • is willing to share the results with others in the sector
    • will invest at least 50% in the project themselves (in kind or cash)
    • contributes to economic sustainability of the sector

Under specific circumstances, the George Avenue Foundation will initiate projects that benefit the sector as a whole, as long as tangible buy in from sector Stakeholders is evident. Also, the George Avenue Foundation will incidentally provide small donations to pioneering and inspring initiatives.

The George Avenue Foundation will not support requests:

  • Stand alone projects (meaning not relevant or networked with others within the sector)
  • Projects that have no relation to both Care and Green (Natural) Environments
  • Projects without a plan to utilize the findings of the project in economically sustainable practices and organizations
  • Requests aimed at covering regular operational costs of organizations