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Demonstration farm Green Care

When we started thinking about how the George Avenue Foundation could support the development of care farming in Switzerland a few years ago, one of the ideas that was born was to find a farm in Switzerland and set it up as a demonstration farm based on the Dutch model of care farming, but adapted to the conditions in Switzerland. Over the years, many Swiss farmers who were already actively involved or interested in the project, as well as specialists from the social sector, have visited the Netherlands. This resulted in a valuable transfer of knowledge and an exchange of ideas on how the area of “agriculture and care” could be promoted in Switzerland. Meanwhile, the dream of developing a model farm remained alive. During this time, the Foundation was able to support and advise a number of farms that were already caring for people. This allowed the foundation to gain valuable experience and a network of care farming providers was established.

In summer 2022, the foundation was able to acquire a farm in a suitable location in the municipality of Oberdiessbach. The following fall, we were able to recruit a highly motivated, innovative and committed family to set up and manage our project. In spring 2023, they started their development work, developing ideas and concrete plans to give the vision of the model farm hands and feet and also to create an economically viable starting position for the future. From 2025, the Amstutz family will run the business as tenants.

The foundation’s aim is to use this farm to demonstrate and promote the model of day care in agriculture in a very practical way. In contrast to an inpatient stay, which requires round-the-clock care every day, day care (with fixed times of day without evenings and weekends) offers farm managers more personal free time. Everyday farm life naturally offers many meaningful activities and a communal way of living and working that enables people with special needs to participate and be included. Such social engagement can also lead to a desired diversification on a farm and make an additional income possible.
In addition to the practical aspects, the farm should grow into a competence center that is a point of contact for interested parties, where events can take place to network providers, but in particular to promote the exchange of knowledge between practitioners from agriculture, the authorities, politics, science and the social and health sectors. The findings from research in the field of care farming at national and international level highlight the importance of all stakeholders working together to ensure that care for people with special needs is a success for everyone involved.

Please find more information about this project here. If you have any questions or would like more information about our activities, please contact us using the contact form.